Outstanding Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service in Union City

Is your garbage disposal making it difficult to clean up after dinner? This kitchen appliance is a valuable kitchen tool, but it is prone to being temperamental and uncooperative if it isn’t treated right. From leaks to stubborn clogs, your garbage disposal can rebel in many ways. At My Union City Plumber Hero, we work with the best plumbing contractors in Union City, CA, to bring you exceptional garbage disposal repair and replacement service. These individuals have the proper tools to make any repair and the expertise to help you choose a new disposal if your current one cannot be repaired.

Tips for Avoiding Garbage Disposal Repair

Even if the repair you need isn’t costly, you still have to sacrifice time waiting for repairs to be made. This is why we encourage our customers to take certain measures to avoid repairs as much as possible. Many common garbage disposal problems occur because of misuse by the operator. Here are some tips for keeping your disposal running and the repairman away from your home:

Do not overfill your disposal. A kitchen sink disposal is not a trash compactor. It is not built to handle excessive quantities of food. Overloading your disposal can create stress on the appliance, leading to motor burnout, leaks, and blocked drains.

Use your disposal often. Rust can quickly form on blades and the inside of the disposal if the appliance is not regularly run. We recommend using your disposal at least once a day. Frequent usage will not reduce the life of the appliance as long as it is used properly.

Be careful of what you put in your kitchen sink. Many people throw trash like meat wrappers, paper towels, etc., into their sink while they are preparing a meal to avoid walking back and forth to the trash can. The problem with this is that sometimes non-biodegradable objects fall into the disposal without your knowledge and when you turn the appliance on these items get stuck.

Professional Garbage Repair and Installation Service

When you need plumbing service in Union City, California make sure you call professional plumbers that are licensed, bonded, and insured.  Hiring amateur plumbers or trying to repair or install a disposal on your own can lead to future problems and affect the appliance’s warranty.

We also offer toilet repair and installation services!

At My Union City Plumber Hero, our repair and installation services are always performed by industry certified, local plumbers who truly care about the quality of their workmanship. We offer our services at a reduced cost compared to other plumbing companies in town and always guarantee every service provided with our ironclad warranty. Call us today to learn more about why we are the preferred plumbing company for all residential garbage disposal repair and installation service.